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    Closures, better aop support in jdk7?

    Scott Stark Master

      I viewed the closure talk Jason sent out a link to:

      The www.javac.info has several links to closure related stuff, but its not responding this morning. Must be running on Neal's laptop. His blog (http://gafter.blogspot.com/) also contains related posts.

      Although he plays down the usefulness of a closure function pointer/type it would seem to be a natural typed representation of an aspect, and is something I wish we had to avoid going from a type explicit pointcut to the detyped interceptor callback. He talks about closure examples that are obvious advices, but the inclusion of these in the code of the business object still is not correct. It seems that annotations/syntax that makes it easy to add extension points for advices written as closures is what is needed to have proper support for aop in java. Take a look at look this and let me know what you think.

      Since closures have not been proposed as a jsr due to conflicting view from within Google, maybe its something we would want to do with this aop view in mind.