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    Separate AOP core and aspect library

    Kabir Khan Master

      In AOP 1.5.x we are releasing jboss-aop and the jboss-aspect-library as part of the AOP releases. This is not ideal since jboss-aspect-library contains both the app-server integration (tied to AOP release) and the aspect library (tied to AS release). At the moment doing an AOP release involves building AOP from the correct AOP branch, and then doing the real release from the aspects/ module of one of the as branches. This was not so bad when we just had AS 4.0.x, but we now have 4.0.x, 4.2.x, and 5.0.x.

      For AOP 2.0, I would like to move the app server integration code into the jboss-aop svn location and out of as trunk. In other words future AOP releases will not contain the aspect library, only core AOP. I think this will help with doing releases one we are mavenised.

      The aspect library can be made downloadable as a separate artifact when we release new jboss versions. I'm not sure if this is 100% necessary?

      Does this make sense to others, or does anybody have some objections?