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    Hudson tests

    Kabir Khan Master

      AOP 2.0 is now being built and tested on Hudson. We are currently only doing it with JDK 5 against AS 4.2.0
      but we are in the process of adding separate builds for other supported JDK/AS combinations:

      Flavia, I added you to the list of users who gets a mail when stuff is broken :-)

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          Flavia Rainone Master

          Yeah, I can tell by the increase in the number of e-mails in my inbox ;)

          Seriously, this is a very good step for JBoss AOP, since in the past we have had some compatibility issues regarding specific versions of virtual machines and/or JBoss AS. As most people know, running the tests with the several combinations of JDK/JBoss AS is time consuming, error prone (in the sense we can miss one combination) and, hence, hard to do manually. So these tests come in handy, helping us to improve the robustness and the reliability of our releases.

          Looking forward to see JDK/AS combinations in action!