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    Memory leak tests trunk

    Kabir Khan Master

      The memory leak tests have been ported over from Branch_AOP_1_5. To run them, you need to download http://labs.jboss.com/jbossprofiler/downloads/jboss-profiler-1.0.CR4.zip
      and get the contained jvmti/native/win32/jbossAgent.dll (or jvmti/native/linux/libjbossAgent.so). The containing folder must be added to the PATH environment variable.

      Then to run the tests
      $ build.sh -f build-tests-jdk50.xml memory-tests

      Leaks will be output in a file called output/reports-leak-report-TEST_CASE_NAME.html

      One important thing is if you have run tests with -Djboss.aop.debug.classes=true, make sure that you delete the jboss-aop/aop/org folder, otherwise it gets confused wrt the classloaders.