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    New AOP ClassLoading tests in ASIntegration

    Adrian Brock Master

      I've created some AOP classloading tests in the asintegration project
      that show my current sticking point.

      The basic problem is incorrect use of the TCL.

      These are the "simple tests" where I've created a hacked versioned of the test
      that works if I play around with the TCL "randomly". :-)

      Some of them work without hacking.

      For interest, I also created a more complex test which show something
      about about where I want to get to.
      This fails even when hacking the TCL, the problem is a ClassCastException
      due it using the wrong classes/classloader for other reasons.

      NOTE: None of these use the "JBoss5Integration" which I haven't created yet.
      These are all with the ScopedClassPool default implementation
      (and other places in AOP using the wrong classloader).