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    Hudson setup changes


      The AOP jobs on Hudson have been modified such that jboss-aop-head-testsuite will automatically force the building of the integration test suites such as jboss-aop-jbossas-4.0.3SP1-jdk14 and jboss-aop-jbossas-4.0.3SP1-jdk14.

      This means that you no longer need to force each integration test job seperately, you only need to force the toplevel jboss-aop-head-testsuite job. So long as the jboss-aop-head-testsuite job does not fail, the other builds will be simultaneously started after the jboss-aop-head-testsuite job completes.

      This is intended to prevent the needless building of the integration test suites, only to find that the build is broken. When the build is broken, the integration testsuites are needlessly running only to fail once the checkout is complete. This ties up our Hudson nodes and prevents other jobs from running in a timely manner.

      You can see this presented graphically at: http://hudson.qa.jboss.com/hudson/view/AOP/job/jboss-aop-head-testsuite/

      Please use the jboss-aop-testsuite-head to kick off the builds in preference to forcing each integration build seperately.