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    Inconsistent information in AspectManager

    Wouter De Borger Newbie


      I noted the following inconsistencies:

      If I declare an aspect name A (using jboss-aop.xml)

      then i bind an advice b of A to a pointcut
      and I bind it again to another pointcut

      Two AdviceFactory objects with the same name will be created and the second one will push the first one out of the interceptorFactories map when it is registered

      If I then redeclare the aspect A

      the second Aspect A will push the first A out of the aspectDefinitions map and undeploy it.

      The bindings however will stay active.

      I have no idea about how these hidden aspects and interceptors influence the system, but they make it very hard to reflect on the state of the aspect system as one advice has multiple instances, of which only one can be retrieved.