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    Optmizing Pointcut matching in instrumentation

    Flavia Rainone Master

      While doing the optimization with the BindingCollection, I thought that it would be a good idea to do the same during instrumentation.


      At that time, my idea was to create a PointcutCollection, that would have methods for retrieval of pointcuts according to their type classification (execution, call, etc). This would be similar to BindingCollection, and I was considering the possibility of replacing this collection with a parameterized ClassifiedCollection for using with both binding and pointcuts.

      Now, I'm not as sure this optimization is worthy to do at this point, so close to the release. I see that Kabir has added a few checks that call the isCall, isWithin, etc, methods in AspectManager, avoiding the trigger of a transformation step when possible. Maybe those checks are enough and we don't need to retrieve classified pointcuts for transformation.

      What do you think, Kabir?