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    Split of Security Project into SPI and JBossAS Implementatio

    Anil Saldanha Master

      This affects JBossAS HEAD only.

      Scott has expressed a need to split the security project artifacts into spi and JBossAS implementation (or plugins). These need to be downloadable via the JBoss repository into JBossAS as well as other JEMS projects.

      Given this, I would like to point to the following JIRA issue:

      The end result will be that the security module will be moved out of jbossas/trunk and will be available under projects. The security spi jars as well as the JBossSX jars will be downloaded via the thirdparty mechanism.

      The idea is that JEMS projects(or system integrators) should be able to code to the Security SPI.

      The whole thing will be done by COB September 8,2006 (Friday)