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    JACC issue: why is not Policy::implies called on my Policy p

    Karel Gardas Newbie

      I'm porting home-grown JACC provider from GlassFish to JBoss 5.0 CR1. I've copied all the needed jars into server/all/lib subdirectory. Followed http://wiki.jboss.org/wiki/JACC to enable it. When I start jboss with:

      ./bin/run.sh -Djavax.security.jacc.policy.provider=<my policy provider class> -Djavax.scurity.jacc.PolicyConfigurationFactory.provider=<my policy configuration factory provider class> -c all

      it seems my policy provider gets called, but only by a lot of getPermissions calls. There is none implies call done, although I'm accessing protected resource of JMX JBoss console. My experience with GlassFish is a little bit different, my policy provider implies is called for every access control decision and that's also why I put main access control decision into the implies method. IMHO it should be there also following JACC spec. My question is: have I forgotten to do anything to properly configure my JACC for JBoss? Or is there any bug in 5.0 CR1 which prevents my JACC policy provider implies method to be called?