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    JBAS-7010, SecurityContext creation

    Scott Stark Master

      I found an issue with the JndiLoginInitialContextFactory not creating a SecurityContext and hence not being propagated correctly by the org.jboss.ejb3.security.client.SecurityClientInterceptor. Looking at the SecurityClientInterceptor it seems the logic for creating a SecurityContext if one is not found should be updated to include the principal and credential:

       // Get Principal and credentials
       Principal principal = SecurityActions.getPrincipal();
       if (principal != null) invocation.getMetaData().addMetaData("security", "principal", principal);
       Object credential = SecurityActions.getCredential();
       if (credential != null) invocation.getMetaData().addMetaData("security", "credential", credential);
       //Get the security context
       SecurityContext sc = SecurityActions.getSecurityContext();
       if(sc == null)
       sc = SecurityActions.createSecurityContext();

      The problem I saw was that the JndiLoginInitialContextFactory has set the principal and credential, but had not created a SecurityContext, and therefore an SC with a null principal and credential was sent over, effectively rendering the principal and credential metadata useless.

      Any other older code that is not creating a SecurityContext will also starting failing with the newer SecurityContext based logic. We need to be using the principal and credential when creating a SecurityContext.