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    Interoperability CORBA Notification Service and JBOSS/EJB 2.

    Pierre Pacchioni Newbie


      On HP-UX 11.00 I have:
      A Notification EventChannel created with Iona E2A 5.1 but since it is standard it doesn't really matter), plus a set of processes which allows me to create and push CORBA Structured Events to this Notification EventChannel
      All the "CORBA" stuff works with Iona E2A 5.1

      On a PC since I haven't Iona E2A I'm using:
      (J)Orbacus 4.1.0 (Java)
      Orbacus Notify 2.0.0 (C++/Java)
      (The last two license-free Orbacus products that I downloaded 1 year ago)
      And I wrote a Java Consumer to receive the events from these Notification EventChannel.

      After many trials I finally succeeded in connecting this consumer to the EventChannel and receiving all the Events
      (my "customer" in fact just prints the "fixed-header").
      This was the first step to check (it was normally obvious but ...) the interoperability between both products and
      both technos.

      On my PC I also have: JBOSS 3.0.0
      The idea was/is to create a Stateless Session Bean which "implements" the StructuredPushConsumer CORBA interface (a standard interface from the CORBA Notification Service). In fact I started in this direction after reading a paper from Borland. But I quickly realised that even if it is the right approach, it is "too complicated" (at least for the moment since I haven't any tool to help me in this context, like the "subtool").
      So I switched to the StructuredPullConsumer which (should) simplify a bit this work.
      I wrote the Home/Remote/Bean classes (I used the java.util.Timer for the "Polling" mechanism, which I'm sure is not the right thing to do but Bean Timer is only for EJB 2.1 and I haven't a better idea). After that I deployed my "bean" into the AS. Through a small client I wrote, I "started" the Bean (this is necessary because of the StructuredPullConsumer) and sent a few events and ... received an error :-(
      This error is a pure CORBA error, I guess that I missed something in the Configuration of the AS (although
      I'm pretty sure that I have installed both the Bean and the Orbacus Jar files correctly) but is difficult to say
      Do you have any idea?