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    Examples of JBoss/IIOP clients written in C++

    Francisco Reverbel Novice

      The MICO 2.3.10 release, which should be out very soon, will include some examples of JBoss clients written in C++. I contributed the examples myself. While MICO 2.3.10 is not released, you can find these examples in recent MICO snapshots. Below I include an announcement of what is expected to be the last snapshot before MICO 2.3.10.



      > Date: Fri, 9 May 2003 11:34:29 +0200 (CEST)
      > From: Karel Gardas <kgardas@objectsecurity.com>
      > To: MICO Announce Mailing List <mico-announce@mico.org>,
      > MICO Development Mailing List <mico-devel@mico.org>
      > Subject: [mico-devel] MICO 2.3.10 prerelease (Weekly snapshot available
      > (030509))
      > Folks,
      > I have uploaded weekly snapshot right now into the
      > http://www.mico.org/snapshots/mico-snapshot-030509.tar.gz file.
      > The list of changes done in this snapshot is below. Please test it and
      > report any problems into mico-devel@mico.org mailing list. Hopefully if
      > everything works well, it will be the last snapshot before 2.3.10 release.
      > Cheers,
      > Karel
      > - start using some dii tests in the testing process
      > - fix dii client crashing while receiving LOCATION_FORWARD (reported by Alexey V. Grigorovich)
      > - remove unneeded test for vc++ and service pack versions (Sorin Mustaca)
      > - website: add sponsors section
      > --
      > Karel Gardas kgardas@objectsecurity.com
      > ObjectSecurity Ltd. http://www.objectsecurity.com