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    Persistent CosNaming?

    nefilim Newbie


      Apologies if this is the wrong forum, I don't see an IIOP users forum.

      I have the situation in a current project where I need to poll a remote CORBA servers from within JBoss. I have a class implementing the Schedulable which works well for the most part, that is, until the JBoss server is restarted. To backtrack a little, the CORBA servers registers with the JBoss naming service, just using the corbaloc. Now when the service is restarted these references are gone and the Schedulable class can no longer resolve the CORBA service. The CORBA server of course unknowingly of the JBoss restart does not rebind. Is there a way to persist these references in the JBoss naming service? Leave it up to the client to detect stales references.

      Any rants/raves would be appreciated.