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    running all tests no problem running single test FAILURES, w

    pwijntjes Newbie


      I am trying to do isoluated tests with IIOP acces to EJB in Windows 2000 environment JBoss 3.2.3.
      I have downloaded all sources and build everything,
      in shell one Jboss has been started with:
      build run-jboss all

      when I run:

      build testsuite
      most of the tests run fine including the entire package
      Class org.jboss.test.hellojrmpiiop

      but when I run

      Class org.jboss.test.hellojrmpiiop.test.HelloTimingStressTestCase

      all 4 IIOP tests run with iiop fail!

      what is wrong, more important what is the difference between these two?