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    Wrapper-Plugin to access EJBeans?

    flitzie Newbie

      Dear Developers,

      i have read that there is an alternative solution for CORBA-clients, which doesn't support OBV (valuetypes), to access an EJB via an wrapper-object. This wrapper-object is a normal CORBA-object with a simple and clear interface, which can be accessed by all CORBA-clients. It runs on the AppServer and redirects the client requests to the public methods of an EJB via RMI or RMI-IIOP. My task is not to write an extra standalone Java wrapper-server.

      Does JBoss support such a solution?

      Does anybody know an AppServer which support such a wrapper-Plugin except IONA Orbix?

      Great thanks for any hint or advice.


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          Dimitris Andreadis Master

          From my "CORBA days" I remember this is something you have to do by hand, i.e. code this "gateway" that maps your EJB interface to a more CORBA friendly interface. It's like developing any normal CORBA interface.

          If there was an automatic way to do this then, I guess, the Java->IDL mapping would have been different!

          My 2 cents


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            flitzie Newbie

            Thx for your post, but i guess this is not what i am looking for.

            To make it more clear. Have a closer look at

            As you can see there are 2 different ways to acces an EJB. But if you have to access an EJB with CORBA 2.0 ORBs then you have no chance with a so called "CORBA-Friendly EJB" except with wrapper. I am looking for a wrapper-plugin for application server or a possibility to write a wrapper, which can be deployed in an ejb.

            Thanks for any help.


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              Dimitris Andreadis Master

              Had a quick look at the whitepaper, again, there are no magic solutions.

              The wrapper framework looks more like a design proposal rather than an actual product you can use out of the box.

              And it cannot be otherwise, because there is no good/simple Java(EJB) -> IDL mapping. You'll have to make some short of compromise and most of all design your EJB interfaces having IDL in mind.

              This is my understanding