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    Custom RMI Valuetypes

    horatio Newbie

      As noted in a previous post, I have experienced some difficulty getting Janeva and JBoss to interoperate. It seems that turning off the chunk_custom_rmi_valuetypes option in JacORB (to fix other issues) causes problems with date serialization.

      In response to a newsgroup post on borland.public.janeva, the Borland tech guy noted that chunking is required for Date types. I am surprised that (a) JacOrb doesn't work with chunking enabled, and (b) that there is very little discussion about this issue, especially considering Janeva is a VisiBroker port. Does anyone else experience problems with chunking, or with JacORB to VisiBroker/Janeva communication?

      Any responses (confirmation, contradiction, experience, suggestions) are most welcome.