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    Connecting a Delphi Client to JBoss

    Wellington Pinheiro Newbie


      We are planning to develop a system that will use Delphi & JBoss and I'd like to know if is possible or someone have already done that. We will use CORBA to integrate the client and the server.

      Can I have an acceptable performance (something similar than using RMI/IIOP in the standard ways of J2EE)?

      I have done an example using a simple session bean using only iiop and connected with a java client, in this scenario I didn't have to create any IDL due to the dynamic stubs that JBoss works. Using a different client than Java I will probably have to define my IDL and create the stubs for Delphi (I don't know if there's another way...) and how do I integrate the definitions on my IDL with my component on JBoss side?

      Thanks a lot,