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    JBoss' JacORB problem

    Gavrilov Victor Newbie

      Hi, all

      I have to make a bridge between EJB-oriented system and CORBA-oriented one. The trouble is that EJB part runs on JBoss but CORBA - on Orbix2K. I chose JCA as solution architecture, but now I have a trouble: how to make EJB see ORBIX2K naming context?

      I've jumped around JBoss JacORB with shaman tambourine but didn't manage to make it see ORBIX2K naming context. Inserting ORBInitRef.NameService property into jacorb.properties file doesn't bring any visible result. NMG, provided by JacORB 2.2 installation cannot add additional naming context to JBoss' one.

      Could anybody help? What to read, what to do?

      Thanks in advance.