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    Bad performance when deploying EJBs on JBoss 4.0

    jlsredondo Newbie

      I?ve been working for a while with an IIOP-accessible EJB on JBoss 2.3.5. This EJB is been used by a .Net client (IIOP.NET is my CORBA implementation for .Net) and the performance has been quite acceptable.

      In order to try out the last version of JBoss, I downloaded and installed the version 4.0. Then, I deployed the same EJB (without any change) and suddenly the performance dramatically decreased (various orders of magnitude). Since the business logic of the EJB is the same, I guess that the problem could be the marshalling and demarshalling of the parameters involved (in my case, they are return values).

      My question is whether JBoss 4.0 has performed any modifications on the IIOP protocol stack so that the performance is degraded.

      Thanks in advance.