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    IIOP.NET over SSL on JBoss

    fran fran Newbie

      Can I use IIOP.NET over SSL on JBoss??

      I´ve configurated Jboss to accept SSL and IIOP, I have an application EJB running on Jboss, and I am trying to do a client which it can communicate with EJB with SSL but at the moment I amnot been able.

      have anyone done something like this and works??

      Best regards and thanks.

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          Francisco Reverbel Novice

          JBoss supports IIOP over SSL. RMI (or CORBA) clients can use IIOP over SSL to communicate with EJBs deployed in JBoss.

          So far I didn't have a chance to look at IIOP.NET, so I cannot tell whether it supports IIOP over SSL or not. Anyway, I am pleased to know that it is being used to call EJBs from .NET clients. (Yours is the second posting on the usage of IIOP.NET with JBoss.)



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            jlsredondo Newbie

            Hi Francisco,
            Finally, we were able to connect an IIOP.net client to EJBs components over SSL connections. The process is a bit cumbersome, but it works.
            When it comes to performance, it?s obvious that we have to pay a price when using SSL. Our tests range from a penalty of 20% to 80%, depending on the amount of information interchanged. In order to mitigate this penalty we are evaluating SSL accelerator cards, that offload 100% of the SSL processing (on the server side, obviously).

            Thanks a lot for your support

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              Markus Kolp Newbie

              I need to use IIOP.NET for work to connect a .NET Client to an Stateless EJB on a JBoss 4.0.5 AppServer. The IIOP.NET Example on the official homepage didn't really work.

              Could you post a complete example or send one to me via email (markus.kolp@freenet.de)?

              Especially how to generate the IDL from the EJB's, configuring JBoss for IIOP-access to the EJB's, generating the CSL-Client Stubs from the IDL's and a C#/VB.NET-Client-Code.