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    Open socket to JBoss from C++

    Nikolaj G. Newbie

      Hi JBoss networkers,

      At first, hope this is the place to post, otherwise sorry...

      Im going to make an C++ application that should have an open socket connection to some server. Ive choosen JBoss for this. The point is that the application and the server must keep the connection open because I want to get notified on server events. The server is going to have a lot of connections and our plan is to have "n" JBoss servers behind a firewall to route (load balance). Also, I know that a thread pr. socket for every connection will kill the server quite easily ie. there have to be some threadpool mechanism.

      The problem is that im quite new to JBoss and just managed to make the Duke's Bank application work (also tried to deploy a simple HelloWorld stateless bean and call it from a java app. client) - in other workds I do not know the exact difference between the types of beans that JBoss are supporting... or clustering for that matter (which most certainly will help me in the future).

      With the above in mind, what solution should I choose?

      Ive been thinking about implementing my own server with Java NIO (without knowing exactly nio). It could have in- and out queue - each with a threadpool attached "eating" runnable objects on each queue. Assuming that I can use this solution, what type of bean should I use to deploy it with? MBean?

      So far I skimmed JBoss Remoting, PooledInvoker, xmlBlaster, CORBA, SOAP, but it does not seem to be the solution (please correct me if Im wrong). Ive also looked at EmberIO which probably could be used.

      Thanks in advance.
      /Nikolaj, Copenhagen

      PS currently we are using Tomcat as standalone, but we are talking about using it in combination with JBoss.