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    jboss certified platforms

    falchionli Newbie

      is there a jboss certifed platform list?

      How can i know which platform, which jdk version, on which jboss runs well?
      on Which platform jboss has full tested and one can run jboss on that platform with no problems?

      For I know there are so many jdk versions, and for the same jdk version, on different OS, the impletation is different, and there may be problems if one run the same java application on different paltforms.

      So I just want to know which platforms jboss has been tested.

      Can anyone tell me?


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          Joachim Van der Auwera Expert

          Any system with a proper Java 1.3 or 1.4 VM will do.

          If there is no 1.4 VM, then you will have to rebuild JBoss.
          Java 1.5 is not yet supported (some clashes with the JMX stuff).


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            falchionli Newbie

            I think may be jboss can run on java 1.3 or 1.4 on any system.
            But is there special attention should be pay? for example, on some system there may be some error under some condition.
            So how can one avoid this kind of incompatibility?

            For weblogic server, bea has published a weblogic certified platform list for users to check whether their platform has been certified by weblogic.
            Bea do not recommed user to use weblogic server on an uncertified platform.

            So I just want to know whether jboss has done this certify work? I think it's the QA team's responsibility to do this work, isn't it?