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    Testsuite Build Updates

    ryan.campbell Expert

      The testsuite build is changing. Later today, I will be replacing the existing build.xml with ant16x-build.xml on all branches.

      As a part of the cutover, I will be ensuring that the new testsuite includes all of the tests covered by the existing one. To facilitate this, the existing build.xml will be moved to deprecated-build.xml. This is a temporary measure and will be removed once verification is complete. So, on all branches:

      build.xml -> deprecated-build.xml
      ant16x-build.xml -> build.xml

      If you have been adding tests in the past two months, I would appreciate your help in ensuring that your new tests are being picked up correctly. Please review the following introductory documentation and post any additional questions here.

      How to Run the Testsuite -- important differences from existing testuite

      Testsuite Changes -- for developers adding tests