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    Matrix Tests List - Input requested from Project leads

    Clebert Suconic Master

      This is not done yet, but this gives an idea about how this is working:

      I've created a Test called MatrixTestContainer that includes configured tests passed as parameters by the test suite.

      Every configured MatrixTestContainer will run over all the defined clients.

      For example, we have MatrixTestContainer(BMP_v_3_2_7), MatrixTestContainer(BMP_v_4_0_2) and MatrixTestContainer(BMP_v_4_0_1_sp1). You can realize by looking at the link that the compatibility with 3_2_7 doesn't work. (this is expected I guess).

      So, I will need every project lead to take a look on these results, and tell me if I should add other tests to the suite. There is few obvious tests that I will remove anyway (as Scott has appointed some tests), but I would prefer to have more people looking at it and validating it.

      Like, all the JMS tests are passing. I didn't see any other tests in our tree, but it doesn't cost anything having the JMS lead validating it :-)


      Clebert Suconic