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    XDoclet and the Testsuite

    Adrian Brock Master

      I've already removed XDoclet from the main build.

      I think we should also look at removing it from the testsuite as well
      (although this should be done in conjunction with the modularization).

      I mention it because I just wasted an hour because of a bug where XDoclet completely
      ignores an EJB due my system clock being out-of-sync with timestamps coming back from cvs...

      [ejbdoclet] (xjavadoc.XJavaDoc 889 ) Ignoring class org.jboss.test.jca.ejb.HAConnectionSessionBean in /home/adrian/jboss-4.0/workspace/testsuite/src/main/org/jboss/test/jca/ejb/HAConnectionSessionBean.java. It was generated (Wed Jun 22 10:43:51 PDT 2005) after XJavaDoc's timestamp was reset (Wed Jun 22 07:35:14 PDT 2005)