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    Tests log output under cruisecontrol

    Ovidiu Feodorov Master

      There is link called "tests.log" (http://cruisecontrol.jboss.com/cc/artifacts/jms-head-testsuite/20051118050725/tests.log)
      under the Build Artifacts page

      I am wondering how is this file generated? Does cruisecontrol dump the junit process' stdout/stderr output to this file?

      If this is the case, and I want to get TRACE level logging for my tests, I need to lower my CONSOLE appender threshold to TRACE, which also mean I'll get a lot of output when I run the same tests on command line. Which I would like to avoid, if at all possible.

      I was wondering if it's possible to add another link on the "Build Artifacts" page to an arbitrarily specified tests.log file. I'll use this file to configure my FILE appender, so I can chose the threshold I like. The cruisecontrol process could set a propery (say "jboss.cruisecontrol.tests.result.file" or whatever) which I'll when configuring my log4j.xml FILE appender. My tests will dump logging output into that file and cruiscontrol will link that file to the "Build Artifacts" page.