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    "Integration" target in the testsuite

    Anil Saldanha Master

      I am adding a few tests for wsrp integration in the 4.0 testsuite. These tests ensure that the JBossWS stack is able to service wsrp request/response.

      Since wsrp is a client of JBossWS, it will have its own set of testcases for integration.

      To take this concept one level higher, I am adding a new target called as "tests-integration" in the 4.0 testsuite. I am proposing that this target be used as a container for JEMS integration tests.

      At this moment:

       <target name="tests-integration" >
       <antcall target="tests-wsrp-integration"/>

      In the future:
       <target name="tests-integration" >
       <antcall target="tests-wsrp-integration"/>
       <antcall target="tests-xxx-integration"/>
       <antcall target="tests-yyy-integration"/>

      The relevant JIRA task from the portal project is:

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          ryan.campbell Expert

          First, I don't see the diff between this test and any other test in the testsuite. They are *all* integration tests. So I don't see the purpose in having a "tests-integration" since I don't see the usecase for running only some of the integration tests.

          But, if we are talking about modularizing the build, I'm all for that. What if you a tests-wsrp-integration target which did an antcall out to imports/tests-wsprp-integration.xml ?


          <target name="tests-wsrp-integration">
           <antcall file="imports/tests-wsrp-integration.xml"/>

          And then just add it to the "tests" target.

          This is better than importing because it doesn't create "magic" targets which you have to grep to find.

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            Anil Saldanha Master

            I have added this support to the 4.0 testuite and resolved the related QA JIRA task:

            This JIRA issue can be opened if it is needed in the 3.2 and HEAD branches.

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              ryan.campbell Expert

              Why ask for discussion if you are just going to ignore it and do what you want anyway?

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                Imad Eddin Ibrahim Newbie

                Please help.....
                I have applied for a job in a jboss company in europe, and they asked me to install jboss, so i'v installed it and everything is working fine...
                But they told me that there is a Test Package which comes with Jboss as 4.0.4Ga and i need to solve 4 test, please tell me what and where are these test..please please please