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    Server-side Testsuite Logging

    Richard Achmatowicz Novice

      Dear All

      We have run into problems again with OOMEs appearing in the AS server logs during the running of the testsuite. One problem with debuggging such problems is that the only correspondence between the client side test log and the server side log is the time at which debug statements were written, making it possible but difficult to use the server side logs for debugging.

      I would like to propose adding steps to the constructor (resp. destructor) of JBossTestCase to write information concerning the current test suite/test case to the server log:
      - an easily identifiable banner line containing the package-qualified name of the test case
      - the amount of available heap space before the test (resp after the test)

      This would make the server side logs easier to read for people trying to debug client side failures and errors.

      This could be achieved by modifying the constructor and destructor of JBossTestCase to make calls to appropriate MBeans (MemoryMXMBean, Log4J MBean) to get the available memory, as well as write to the server log itself.

      Any comments as to whether this is adviseable or not?

      The feature could be set up as a debugging feature, so that it was not active by default,
      but given that it would only be used with the testsuite, this may not lead to a great saving.