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    Christofer Dutz Newbie

      Hi there,

      I just wanted to report that I have almost finished porting the SPECjAppServer2002 Benchmark to JBoss3. I already managed to run small tests after adapting the tables created by the benchmarks init-scripts. But I still have to put some work in the Container-Managed-Relations to make JBoss use the columns provided by the init scripts.

      As this is part of my student research project and I am not so experienced with CMR in JBoss, it would help me very much if someone could help me with this issue.

      After finishing the benchmark we will run several tests in one of our university pools (both single-machine-tests and clustered test). We will not be allowed to report detailed information about some of our results especially the $/BOP values. At the moment the biggest problem should be that JBoss is not a certified java application server and that this is needed for at least letting the SPECjAppServer guys have a look at the results.

      Until that we will be happy to deliver our test-suit to let anyone do the test themselves - after I have finished it.

      Christofer Dutz