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    Benchmark JBoss vs. WebLogic

    timkk Newbie


      are there any accomplished benchmarks available which shows JBoss vs. Weblogic.
      I was visit the CeBIT in Hannover and there a Bea-employee told me that WebLogic will be faster than JBoss, but I don't think so and I search a benchmark, which i can use in my thesis.


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          ian Newbie

          The usual place for application objects is ... tara ... the application package, in your case the the ejb-jar.

          To deal with these classes, JBoss.net/Axis however needs mapping information in the form of a serializer/deserializer pair (e.g. a Bean(De)Serializer that canonically maps bean properties to xml elements). This can be specified in the webservice deployment descriptor (in your wsr) as follows:

          Note that as of JBoss3.2, these descriptors can be easily generated using our jboss.net xdoclet module and tag annotations in your custom objects:

          * A serializable data object for testing data passed to an EJB through
          * the web service interface.
          * @author jung
          * @version $Revision: $
          * @jboss-net:xml-schema urn="hello:HelloData"

          public class HelloData
          implements java.io.Serializable
          private String name;

          public String getName()
          return name;

          public void setName(String name)
          this.name = name;

          Hope that helps,

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            Andrew Oliver Master

            The BEA license prohibits you from downloading BEA and benchmarking it against JBoss and then publishing it. You can find ones were BEA or IBM published their own benchmark against JBoss but of course they say what you expect.

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              rechete wu Newbie

              do you have any infomation about accomplished benchmarks available which shows JBoss vs. Weblogic.
              could you give me some advice?
              anyway,thank you in advance.
              my email: rechete@hotmail.com

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                I've done some intensive search for published benchmarks and found resources on the net where was claimed to have benchmarked several J2EE compliant AS against each other. But it is as always there were apples and oranges compared (or pears as you would say in german).

                Benchmarking is rocket science and a great deal depending on your specific application and AS tuning.

                If you want a meaningful result, do it by your own, with your own application.

                From a lukewarm point of view both have their assets and drawbacks and in general I would not make my decision on raw performance. I.e. to bring another buzz word in play you may take TCO (total cost of ownership) into your consideration: You can compensate lower speed with more instances which may be less expensive if you don't have to pay licenses -- or more expensive if the hardware, operation and support cost is higher than the cost for licences.

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                  tomdee Newbie

                  We were running BEA WLS and yes it has faster IO but that's only if
                  you are using a proprietary native IO module.

                  Anyway, we've switched our entire farm from WLS to JBoss and haven't
                  looked back.

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                    Sacha Labourey Master

                    Can you elaborate on this native IO feature? what does it handle specifically? file access? network access?