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    JRUnit Benchmark object model

    Tim Fox Master


      It's my understanding that a Benchmark has a set of BenchmarkExecutions which happen on a certain date/time and contain a set of BenchmarkMeasures.

      For simple benchmarks, e.g. record elapsed time to do X this seems to work well, and allows you to chart benchmark evolution vs time.

      Some of the "benchmarks" (I don't know if this is the right word) have multi-dimensional measures, i.e. not a simple key-value pair.

      E.g. for some of the scalability measurements in JMS, I measure elapsed time to do X, then vary number of jms sessions, and see how X varies.

      Then for that execution, I have several measurements:

      jms_sessions =1, X = 2000
      jms_sessions=2, X = 1500
      jms_sessions=3, X = 1250

      I.e. the execution data represents a curve rather than a point.

      (I think want to be able to then plot this on a chart - but that's a different story).

      Does JRUnit support this?