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    togglePanel binding (and Duplicate id) ¬¬


      When I use the "binding" of togglePanel !
      Any request that I made .. Is the error (Duplicate id)
      I remove the "bindind".. The error does not happen
      I use for the binding (UITogglePanel and HtmlTogglePanel) the result is equals...

      My toggle is very simple... :

      <rich:togglePanel switchType="client"
      stateOrder="close, open"
      id="semID" >

      <f:facet name="close">
      <rich:toolTip followMouse="true" direction="top-right" delay="500">
      <h:outputLabel value="menssgem"/>

      <f:facet name="open"></f:facet>

      My Bean :

      private HtmlTogglePanel uiToogle;

      public HtmlTogglePanel getUiToogle() {
      return uiToogle;

      public void setUiToogle(HtmlTogglePanel uiToogle) {
      this.uiToogle = uiToogle;