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    Jboss socket  managment benchmarking?

    Austin Kenny Newbie

      I am using jboss-4.0.2

      I am doing some benchmarking of my own at the moment.

      I have a set up a Jabber Instant Messaging server I have a client which connects to that server directly.
      I have set up that client to log on and log off from the server 100 times one after another.

      All messages leaving the client and coming into the client are logged .

      This logging is done on a queue basis... and an individual thread writes them to a database, insureing the correct times are maintained.

      The socket is opened by a client connecting directly to the jabber server. In the connection sequence. First message is send and reply is sent by the server to the client to tell it I am here.

      Client1 -> Jabber Server -> Client1

      The Minimum time for this message loop between client and server takes:
      The Average takes:

      Now I have set up a Jboss server and deployed necessay package. Where a client instead of opening a socket and communicating that way, it communicates via JMS (Sort of Socket with out the work!!). And a messaging bean picks up these messages from the message queue on Jboss.
      The client now sends messages to the Jboss message queue, jboss excepts these messages. My code starts a thread up for every new client and inturn opens a socket to the jabber server. Routes messages accordingly. If user1 starts up a connection anything coming back from the server is on that socket for user1 gets routed back to that user....

      My modifided client is logging messages just as the above Client direct to jabber is.

      so this is:

      Client1 -> Jboss -> JabberServer-> Jboss -> Client1
      Now this is where i have the problem.

      The min time it takes for the same sequence of messages
      "the connection loop" request response..
      is 65 milliseconds considerably quicker
      the Avg is 1010.62 milliseconds which is slower... what it should be!

      Is there something is don?t know about jboss that would quicken this process up so much as to improve the message speeds or connection speeds?

      Thanks for the help in advance... Its an interesting 1!