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    JRunit for testing EJB3 ???

    J-C jc Apprentice


      I try to evaluate if JRunit can be usefull to test EJB3 based applications.

      For some unit test I use JBoss embedded EJB3. For integration test or load tests I'd like to use JBoss application server (wich is the targeted server).

      I have a look to the documentation. it uses a socket based server. With JBoss AS I also have to wait for starting tests that all components are deployed.

      Where can I find some examples and feedbacks about how to write server class to start the application server and client testcase ?

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          Tom Elrod Master

          Don't know that JRUnit would be the best tool to for testing clients calling on an application server. However, this could be done if write your own org.jboss.jrunit.extensions.ServerTestCase and withint setUp() method call main() method of org.jboss.Main. Of course will have to make sure have all the jars you need for jboss server on classpath.

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            J-C jc Apprentice

            Do you know what's other tool can be used for integration tests ? I have try to investigate several of them but I did not succeed to find one which fit my requirements.