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    INTERVAL TIME and  MaxPoolSize at RUNTIME for JBOSS-SPECjApp


      Hi ,

      I have a requirement where i have to do the following -

      Using Jboss(4.0.4 and specj kit 1.3.7)-SPECjAppSever2004 find the reponse time data of SPECJ over various POLLING INVOKER server thread count for a particular load.

      I running this on RC5.

      For this i would like to find out if there are already present options or any suggestions to do -

      a) While SPECjAppServer2004 running if i have to RUNTIME change the SERVER THREAD i.e MaxPoolSize count of POLLED INVOKER what are the options - (i) Can be throw JMX or RESETTING THROUGH TWIDDLE. Any options other than these ?? This is easier part of this.

      b) For the above changed SERVER THREADs count - i would like to have SPECjAppServer keep logging the RESPONSE TIME for DEALER and MFG for a specific configured period of time and when i reconfigure the value of SERVER THREAD i.e. MaxPoolSize count AT RUNTIME then i should be able to provide another TIME PERIOD till it should log the new RESPONSE TIME for the NEW CONFIGURED MaxPoolSize.

      c) Essentially i should be able to RUNTIME change the MaxPoolSize as well as time after which it should be resetted and start back logging the RESPONSE TIME for DEALER and MFG processes of SPECJ possibly at different log files.

      Anyone has any idea about this or have done something like this before ?