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    Jboss or Glassfish?

    aaa bbb Newbie

      I work in a proyect about portal, but I hva a question about the application server, why JBoss and not Glassfish? I'd like to know about comparison between both

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          Surendra Babu Newbie

          I have URL which will has the deep comparision between JBOSS and GLassfish




          Go through this you will come to know which is Best.

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            Mark Little Master
            Whether it is possible to judge based on a single subjective analysis is open to debate. As they say, if you only have a single point on a graph then you can draw any line you want.
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              Satish Kale Newbie

              It would be nice to know what and why you need to compare.

              Certain things play important role in comparison.

              1. Are you choosing it for merely development; or do you intend to port it on production env?

              2. If you intend to port it on prod, would you keep the same app server or change it to proprietary?

              3. What other tools/products you use?


              As for addressing your question directly: -

              1. JBoss has the bigger and more active community base.

              2. The level of innovation and choice of various projects/product lines is higher for both open source and commercial versions.

              3. The dependence on Red Hat / JBoss as an organisation is not as high as in case of Glassfish on Sun. In an highly unlikely event of RedHat not supporting JBoss projects, the projects would still survive and grow.

              4. Oracle acqquisition has ensured there lot of chaos and uncertainty about Glassfish open source community. Oracle would not like to create anything that eats into Weblogic revenue.

              5. The commercial version for the production deployments are much robust from JBoss/RedHat, not to mention the professional support they offer (which is being rated as #1 for many years now.)

              6. The active and widespread community base ensures the product quality vis-a-vis development, testing is top notch.

              7. It is being nurtured by RedHat, the #1 open source company, which though commercial, has till date shown to be only company championing open source philosophy at all times. The future of JBoss projects looks great under their leadership.


              So to me, the choice is clear.

              Hope this helps.




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                F L Newbie

                Sounds like some hogwash Satish.  I don't hate JBoss, and I prefer it to just about anything else out there, but you force me to point out the flaws in these talking points which read more like an ad than an honest analysis.


                1) JBoss may have a bigger and more active community base, but Glassfish appears to be eroding it largely at the expense of JBoss (and Weblogic, shocking huh?)

                See this link, where it shows Glassfish overtaking JBoss, and skyrocketing in popularity.




                Glassfish was found to be the app server of choice for 73% of new JEE projects according to Ohloh.  (WOW!)


                2) ? Like what? And does it really matter? Performance, scalability, usability, and reliability all trump non-standard niche features.


                3) Dependence is not as high on Red Hat?  Meh, this is a weak one.  First, less vendor lock-in is the main benefit of OSS--and both are OSS, so this isn't a major issue even if the dependence is slightly greater.  Also, most large conservative corporations would kick you out of the room if you suggested going without support on EITHER JBoss or Glassfish, so either way you're attached to someone.  At best this is a modest JBoss win for small shops where they're willing to go without commercial support.


                4) Oracle has made it clear that Glassfish is not "going away". And they couldn't kill it if they wanted to at this point. It would likely just get forked- that's the nice thing about OSS, you should know better than to suggest that Oracle would bury GF just because it might cut into Weblogic's market share.  WebSphere is a more likely competitor for Weblogic anyway, not Glassfish.  Oracle's not stupid enough to risk losing the cash flow of Glassfish support (by burying it) AND having a forked version (or other competitors) still end up competing with Weblogic in the long run anyway.  It's more in their interest to keep supporting it as the replacement to their failed OAS/OC4J junk platform.


                5) JBoss is slightly more developed for now, but that era is coming to an end pretty quick.  Glassfish is the new favorite JEE server for developers everywhere I look.  And GF does very well on benchmarks.  JBoss usually does poorly.  Perhaps the JBoss code base is starting to suffer from the inevitable bloat that tends to infest software shortly before it starts losing popularity?  Or maybe it was just inefficient from the start, who knows.  I do know that Glassfish is fast based on personal experience as well as benchmarks.


                6) Community was already discussed... and apparently JBoss' community is losing ground every year.


                7) This is a good point, and I hate super-vendors as much as the next guy, but Oracle has a fairly impressive track record when it comes to competition and they're going to be tough to stop.  Not that I want one to "win" over the other--I'd rather have more than one implementation!  But Glassfish has the "soul" of Sun Microsystems and it'll probably be some number of years before the usual Oracle bloat ruins that (if it does), but by then at the rate JBoss seems to be going, it'll be even more bloated and aged.


                Based on the graphs in the link I posted, Glassfish is stealing the show (and market).  Weblogic AND JBoss are on VERY obvious, steady, and long running downward trends which can't be denied in those stats.  The IBM scum's overpriced proprietary WebSphere bloatware is flatlined, and will probably remain on life support indefinitely as long as we have moronic corporations that refuse to adopt OSS alternatives simply because it's OSS.

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                  F L Newbie

                  I also want to add - 73% of new JEE projects... downplay statistics all you like, but you just can't fake or warp trends this obvious..