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    Web Service to JMS Bridge

    Anthony Mowers Newbie

      Our company has implemented (is implementing) a JBoss sar for a Web Service to JMS bridge.

      We were wondering if there was already something out there like this and if not would there be any interest in us providing this to the open source community.

      The basic functionality is:

      Enable to a web service based client to subscribe to a JMS topic by providing a URL to their web service based topic listener.

      The JMS messages that are published to that topic are transformed to SOAP messages and delivered to the all subscribing web service based listeners.

      We use axis to do this. We allow for the JMS to Soap serialization to be configured via the service pretty much the same way axis allows for this.

      How it is used:

      Several of our business partners publish objects to us (on a variety of topics), via web service interfaces, and a number of our other business partners subscribe to receive those objejcts and or sets of objects derived from those objects.