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    WSR support in Maven (maven-wsr-plugin)



      Here is a quote from a post I sent to the Maven dev list:

      "Hello Dev list,

      I already asked this a couple of days ago on the user mailing list but got
      no precise answer so far. Here's the thread on the user mailing list as a
      http://nagoya.apache.org/eyebrowse/[EMAIL PROTECTED]

      As a quick summary here's a quote from

      "So, to be clear, the web-service.xml should be located inside the
      jarfile named webservices.wsr in a subdirectory called META-INF. It
      doesn't matter what you call the jarfile as long as it has a .wsr

      JBossNET, an Apache Axis wrapper for JBoss, uses that kind of files to
      deploy a web service.

      To be clean, such archive should be a dependency of a maven project with the
      property ear.bundle=true. That way, the EAR plugin would include the file in
      the EAR and add in the application.xml an entry like:


      A plugin that will create such WSR archive is really straightforward since
      it relies on the jar plugin. I have the following questions for the
      deployment part:

      1/ Is it clean to put wsr file in the JARS directory of the repository?
      Should we create a WSRS directory in the repository?
      2/ The type of such dependency is 'java' it's not an ejb module. In that
      case, maven will try to download a file named webservices.jar which is not
      found. How can we solve this?

      I don't know if this kind of files is too specific to be added in maven. Let
      me know if I can help on this and how.

      Same story for the sar plugin. It seems to me that sar files are often used
      (at least in Jboss). I don't see any core plugin for that while there is an
      implementation available (http://loom.jcontainer.org/plugins/maven-sar/)

      Any feedback is welcome!



      Those guys told me a wsr plugin is too specific and should be hosted on JBoss somehow. I can provide this wsr plugin if necessary. Can someone told me if they can host it somewhere for the JBoss comunity?

      Does anybody knows a place where Maven plugins specific to JBoss are hosted?