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    suggestionBox in treeNode on modalPanel issue


      I have a modalPanel that has a tree and each treeNode has inputText supported by suggestionBox and other components like selectOneMenu and commandButton.

      The suggestionBox is rendered at the top left corner but if I enclose the suggestionBox within a region the suggestionBox appears at the correct position.

      The issue is that I want to use a4j:support on the suggestionBox onselect event but I cannot use f:setUpdateActionListener because I am using myfaces 1.1.5 and cannot upgrade to 1.2 because I am using jboss 4.0.5 that is not jsf 1.2 compliant. I cannot upgrade to jboss 4.2 yet.

      I am using t:updateActionListener to set parameter in the a4j:support.

      The updateActionListener tries to set a property of the tree node but when the support request is sent the property base for updateActionListener comes up as null.

      I have been fighting with this for the last 4 days and urgently need a resolution.