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    Admin GUI now available for JBossWS!!!

    Mike Barton Newbie

      WSABI for JBossWS provides a Java-based web application that manages Web services deployed via JBossWS. Built on top of Jakarta
      Struts framework, WSABI offers an intuitive user interface that vastly
      simplifies the management of complex JBossWS deployments.

      The user interface is divided into five sections:

      Handlers - Manage the named handlers
      Transports - Manage transports
      Globals - Manage global configuration elements
      Services - Manage Web service deployments
      Configuration - Manage WSABI for JBossWS configuration

      The current implementation is an early alpha version that is at best
      incomplete. We invite you to help us shape the subsequent releases and
      functionality of the product.

      Test drive WSABI at http://demo.wsabi.org
      Download the source at http://sourceforge.net/projects/wsabi4axis

      Best regards,

      Mike Barton