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    Status of SAAJ API

    Shawn Dahlen Newbie

      Hello -

      I have discovered a number of bugs in the SAAJ implementation for 4.0.1 RC2 and have created fixes for them. These fixes enable the use of xsd:any elements. However, I would not consider the fixes elegant in any manner, as it appears that the current SAAJ implementation derived from Axis has a few issues with it (SOAPPart.importNode(), SOAPBody.addDocument(), etc).

      I also noticed work has begun to create a clean-room implementation of the SAAJ API. Is this new implementation planned for 4.0.1, if so I won't submit patches (although one of the fixes touches the BeanSerializer class)?

      Please let me know. In addition I would love to contribute to the clean-room implementation, and it appears that the SAAJ API is good place to start (as to replace the current impl). If this is already covered by someone else, let me know what else I could work on.. Thanks..

      Shawn Dahlen

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          Scott Stark Master

          No, the new implementation is not currently targeted for any 4.0.x release. Its for the future 5.0 release. Submit your patches to the JBossWS project and browser the available todo items:


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            Thomas Diesler Master

            As you might know, the support for xsd:any and xsd:anyType is optional in the JAXRPC spec.

            What is the use case for this? Are you trying to do some document/literal MEP with an undefined document structure?

            I agree, that SOAPBody.addDocument should work. I'll setup the JBossWS-4.x project on JIRA and create an issue for it.

            Changes to the jaxrpc module in Branch_4_0 will have to pass the Sun CTS - so we have to careful here.

            Could you parhaps provide a TestCase that shows your issue. Thanks.

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              Shawn Dahlen Newbie

              Thomas -

              The JAXRPC 1.1 Spec states (pg 37) that xsd:any is required and should be mapped to a property named "_any" of type SOAPElement. As for xsd:anyType, that is optional.

              You are correct about my use case. My operation accepts a schema type that includes an element of undefined structure (xsd:any). In fact, all of our web services use schemas that define an open content model (xsd:any and xsd:anyAttribute).

              As I have stated earlier, I have created fixes. I will also create / extend your use cases to expose this issue. I should have enough available time to have a patch submitted by the weekend.

              As for the Sun TCK, how should I go about testing against that? Is it available? le me know how I should handle this.

              Let me know if you have an issues with this.

              Shawn Dahlen