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    Integrating with Amazon web services.

    James Bates Newbie

      Hi All,

      I have recently decided to take plunge with JBoss development and figured that a good way of getting to learn the ins and out of web services maybe to create a project which integrates with Amazons web services. I am getting a little over whelmed with the capabilities of JBoss so I wondered if anyone here could offer their guidance with my first steps.

      I would like to create a simple nukes Portlet that interfaces to the web services via SOAP/WSDL. I would also like to take as much advantage as possible of the features of JBoss. I realize that I could make a portlet which just uses ordinary SOAP/WSDL calls like any other client would but I get the feeling that I am missing a whole load of JBoss functionality out and reinventing the wheel (badly).

      Anyway if anyone could enlighten I would be most appreciative.