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    stundzig Newbie

      hi folks,

      I'm working in a project which uses bpel. Therefore I need asynchronous communication between a SessionBean deployed in JBoss and actually the Oracle BPEL Process Manager and the other(server) side.

      The Oracle Manager use ws-addressing to identify the incoming and outgoing calls to the session bean. But JBoss doesn't support ws-addressing yet.

      Could someone explain the actual state of the ws-addressing implementation? I've found a entry, that I've voted for, in the JBossWS jira. And could I help on implementing it?

      As workaround, I've implemented an RPC-Handler, that I put in the HanderRegistry for my webservice client aka SessionBean.


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          Thomas Diesler Master

          Hi Steffen,

          ws-addressing will be addressed as part of the new JBossWS implementation. There is also a JSR assigned to this topic


          If you like, I could keep you in the feedback loop for this JSR and we can drive together an early implementation of it in jboss-head.

          To get started, if you have not already, you could familarize yourself with our new implementation in jboss-head. And we can setup a few JIRA tasks arround addressing for you to work on.

          I don't plan to expend resources in this area on the J2EE-1.4 compatible Axis based stack that is available in jboss-4.0.x

          Thanks for your interest