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    DII Attachments Portability between stacks

    Jason Greene Master

      I have resolved all of the portability issues in JBWS-267 save one. The problem is that there is no standard way to configure a mime type via DII, so we must use proprietary xml types. These types are different between the two stacks. It is possible to make the 4.0 branch support the new types, but not possible to make head support the old types. The reason for this is that the fake xml types represented java classes with Axis, and with the new attachments implementation they are a direct translation for mime types. For example the localname for image/jpeg and image/gif is "Image" with Axis, but "image_jpeg", and "image_gif" on jbossws.

      Currently the test detects the stack and uses the proper names for each? Should I backport the new names?