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    wstools configuration

    Thomas Diesler Master

      Here some feedback for jbossws-tools.xsd -r 1.6

      1. General

      1.1. The file should have a version identifier in the name

      1.2. Readablility could be vastly improved by avoiding anonymous types. Use named complex types and reference them appropraitely.

      1.3. Please care about better readability. Space and comments are cheap.

      2. global configuration

      2.1. global configuration should be at the top

      2.2. override is a property that pertains to the filesystem like output dir, etc. It should not be part of the xml config. A commandline option is more appropriate

      2.3. retainSourceFiles can never be false because we don't compile. This can be removed.

      3. javaToWSDL

      3.1 documentation is too restrictive

      3.2. attribute endpointInterface is a bad name. It can also be an annotated endpoint impl class.

      3.3. attribute oneWayOperations is too restrictive. In future we might have more options that are scoped on the method. Use a sequence of operation elements + a oneWay attribute

      4. wsdlToJava

      4.1 be consistent with naming. WSDL vs. wsdl

      4.2 How do you specify the wsdlURL?

      5. javaToXSD

      5.1 Why do we need to configure this? Is this not part of javaToWSDL, which also defines a types namespace.

      6. xsdToJava

      6.1 Why do we need to configure this? Is this not part of wsdlToJava.