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    BPEL integration

    Thomas Diesler Master

      Alejsandro says:

      Right now jBPM BPEL has the following capabilities:

      - Expose BPEL processes as web services. A JAX-RPC handler receives the SOAP message and extracts its contents. Java classes and mappings are generated to assemble a WS4EE 1.1 compliant package, but they are otherwise not used.

      - Invoke other web services. The SAAJ client communication capability to call SOAP endpoints over HTTP.

      I haven't had the time to play with the new stack, but I don't expect any problem as no Axis stuff is used at all.

      I realize there are no BPEL-specific interop steps. My idea is to check whether the endpoints I'm publishing deal properly with BP-1.0 compliant messages, as well as the messages I'm sending can be properly processed by a compliant endpoint. However, the proof of concept I'm involved in will probably last until Nov 4. I won't have much time to prepare.

      Are these interop tests a fixed suite, or there is room to play with different components?