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    WS-Coor bindings


      Heiko wrote:

      But i think jboss-ws does rely on the JWSDP from sun and uses JAXB binding and the wscompile tools. Take a look at the FAQ, it should be explained there:

      Ivan wrote

      As far as I'm concerned, wscompile doesn't handle XML wildcards, and that's why I couldn't use it to generate WS-Coordination artifacts. JbossWS doesn't support wildcards yet:


      Doing a quick fix on this issue, I could go a little bit further with JBossWS. But then I get a NullPointerException while processing something from my WSDL/XSD files (jbossws doesn't tell me where in those files).

      Well, if you successfully generate the WS-Coordination artifacts with jbossws tool please let me know :-).

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          I think we should provide the necessary binding classes manually. This way we could get around the wildcard problem aswell.

          I'm currently working on a binding implementation that's done similiar to org.jboss.ws.wsaddr.*.