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    JAX- RPC 2.0 compliance JBWS 136



      I have taken up this task and have started writing test cases --
      i am not able to find JAXRPC 2.0 compliant classes

      For example javax.xml.rpc.Call should extend javax.xml.rpc.BindingProvider which is not the case for Call.java available in webservice module

      javax.xml.rpc.BindingProvider interface is not there in jboss-head..

      I have added comment to JIRA issue also.

      Not sure how to proceed for BindingProvider related test cases.

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          JAX-RPC 2.0 tests i have written ,12 of them..
          Most of them are failing as expected --should i wait for the implementation to come up for them to go in

          testServiceFactory Failure : Test Failed ,Exception:org.jboss.util.NotImplementedException
          testServiceInterfaceType Failure

          testServiceTypeMappingRegistry : Test Failed - Should throw java.lang.UnsupportedOperationException

          testCallIExtendsBindingProvider Failure javax.xml.rpc.Call doesnt implement javax.xml.rpc.BindingProvider interface

          testStub : Success

          testJAXRPCContext : Test failed : java.lang.NoSuchMethodException exception thrown while executing stub.getRequestContext()

          testDynamicProxy : Success

          testDispatchExistence :Failure ,Test Failed : javax.xml.rpc.Dispatch not found

          testCallForServiceException : Failure : Test Failed : Expected exception javax.xml.rpc.ServiceException Got org.jboss.ws.WSException

          testCallConfigurationCreateCalll :Failure :Test Failed: Expected javax.xml.rpc.JAXRPCException got java.lang.NullPointerException

          testCallSetProperty : Failure : Expected exception javax.xml.rpc.JAXRPCException Got org.jboss.ws.metadata.wsdl.WSDLException

          testUnconfiguredCall Success