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    Call physical targetAddress and wsa:To

    Thomas Diesler Master



      This OPTIONAL element (whose content is of type xs:anyURI) provides the value for the [destination] property. If this element is NOT present then the value of the [destination] property is "http://www.w3.org/2005/08/addressing/anonymous".

      Currently CallImpl uses this logic to derrive the physical target address. Is this right?

       String targetAddress = getTargetEndpointAddress();
       // Fall back to wsa:To
       AddressingConstantsImpl ADDR = new AddressingConstantsImpl();
       AddressingProperties addrProps = (AddressingProperties)msgContext.getProperty(JAXWSAConstants.CLIENT_ADDRESSING_PROPERTIES_OUTBOUND);
       if (targetAddress == null && addrProps != null && addrProps.getTo() != null)
       String wsaTo = addrProps.getTo().getURI().toString();
       if (wsaTo.equals(ADDR.getAnonymousURI()) == false)
       URL wsaToURL = new URL(wsaTo);
       log.debug("Sending request to addressing destination: " + wsaToURL);
       targetAddress = wsaToURL.toExternalForm();
       catch (MalformedURLException ex)
       log.debug("Not a valid URL: " + wsaTo);
       // The endpoint address must be known beyond this point
       if (targetAddress == null)
       throw new WSException("Target endpoint address not set");